HTML/CSS/JS, ASP.NETCore/MVC, SQL + ElasticSearch + ETL, Image ML for Video

User-Experience ("UX") Design

We create wireframes as the blueprint for the user's experience. Wireframes determine what will be developed, as well as help scope the project's resources, milestones, timeline, and budget..

User-Interface ("UI") Engineering

We render wireframes and graphical designs to be displayed on web browsers or email clients, including mobile devices -- using hands-on codes in HTML5/CSS3/Javascript. We use the latest technology to display the look of a webpage (or url address) as it adapts or responds to each user's action.

AI & Application Middleware

We implement all the business logic and workflow that tie the presentation layer (UX and UI) and data together using ASP.NET Core/MVC in C# or Machine Learning solutions from IBMWatson, Microsoft Vision, AWS Sagemaker, and Google Vision. In other words, we build the brains of the application -- the most important, yet most under-rated piece that affects a website's quality and value.

Content Management System

We want our clients to manage the content of their websites, database, or workflow in an efficient, secure, and easy manner, through the use of a web browser. We developed a proprietary business asset management system called BAMtools in 2001 to give our clients the ability to control their data, toggle who can access their assets, and communicate with their customers through email blasts.


We design, manage, migrate, and host relational databases in Microsoft SQL Server using T-SQL. From simple queries to complex stored procedures, performance optimization is our top priority.

Dedicated Hosting & System Administration

We host and administer dedicated Windows and Linux servers in our climate-controlled datacenter, enforcing the highest level of network and physical security. Our flexibility allows us to customize your server, bandwidth, redundancy, and backup requirements to fit your budget. (We don't throttle your bandwidth!)

Video Encoding, Distribution, and AI

Because of our background in pioneering video streaming on the web, we build proprietary solutions for clients in need of batch video encoding and private hosting. Most recently, we developed a solution to help our clients detect elements within videos using real-time visual, gesture, audio, and speech-to-text recognition.

Application & Data Integration

We develop solutions that allow applications (eg, Salesforce, TV Listings, Social Media, etc.) to approve membership credentials (authentication) and share real-time data.

Domain & SSL

Your website idea starts with the name (aka, a domain). Purchase your domain at to get started.


We prioritize excellence, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in all our projects


The women behind the company

Westside Websites is a tech agency in Los Angeles launched by two web pioneering, women software engineers — Camille Alcasid and Sandra Jimenez. Camille studied Electrical Engineering; Sandra studied Computer Science; and they make an ideal EE+CS team! Together, the duo brings an exceptional level of expertise to all stages of a web application's lifecycle, customized to each project's resources, methodology, budget and timeline.

In 2017, as their personal giveback to the industry and to women, they started and self-funded Wonder Women Coders, a hands-on course that introduces and trains women to code and engineer for the web. They also produced and power Women's Production Society, a entertainment community comprised of 100+ women in executive positions in Physical Production, Post Production, and Visual Effects (VFX).

Camille started her career in 1995, as one of the first web developers for NBC, (the very first local TV news website in Los Angeles). A couple of years later, Sandra joined Camille as the Senior Developer for a tech-startup called UltimateTV, where they developed the first video-powered TV listings in the market, later acquired by Tribune Media Services and now known as They continued their teamwork introducing "e-busines" enterprise distribution applications for the top music distribution companies where they developed the first B2B digital asset system for EMI Distribution.

In 2001, BAMTOOLS was born, a Business Asset Management Tool to quickly launch database-driven website with a built-in Content Management System (CMS) developed by Camille while in Sedona, AZ. With a background in Business Development, Sales, and Engineering, Camille sold licenses of BAMTOOLS to the studios. Meanwhile, Sandra was recruited by as a Senior Java Developer, where she mastered Enterprise Commerce and developed their first sales lead generator system that generated multi-million dollars in a weekend.

Eventually, Camille and Sandra rejoined forces to create Westside Websites, an innovative web engineering agency dedicated to providing digital solutions for Entertainment & News, Corporate Intranet and Extranet, Crowd-Funding, Contest, Promotion, Video Streaming, Email Blast, Group Message Boards, Content Management Systems, and Text-to-Vote, to name a few. Most recently in 2019, Camille and Sandra entered the Computer Visual Artificial Intelligence (AI) space after winning in an AT&T/WarnerMedia hackathon with their Wonder Women Coders. The women banded together to innovate and bring their application to market — an exciting new way for to utilize visual and gesture recognition using element detection, machine learning, and neural networks on videos.

"We're invaluable to sales and marketing teams, not just IT," says Sandra, "We solve roadblocks and improve efficiency in ways companies communicate with each other and/or their target audience through digital solutions."

"Our clients hire us to execute their creative concepts using the latest web technology," adds Camille, "We also enjoy collaborating with many advertising and creative agencies in town as their tech counterpart. We are hands-on engineers and innovators, so we're not afraid to build challenging solutions."

With over 25+ years of development experience under their belt, Westside Websites boasts an impressive client list, featuring prestigious corporations which include Walt Disney, Fox, Twentieth Television, Western Digital, MyNetworkTV, NBCUniversal, Tribune, FXX, Kingworld, Sony, and Telemundo. Looking towards the future, Westside Websites continues to make strides in being a reputable force in the digital world.


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